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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a horrifying scene at a mall when a man goes on a stabbing spree. that is not the only crime that he is accused of committing. how the chaos finally ended and big question that detective still have have about the rampage. good morning i'm brooke thomas. i'm jim ton van. we will also check weather and traffic with katie and meisha but here's what you need to know to start the day in the morning minute. >> this presidential election has about the highest steaks that we have seen in a really long time. >> hillary clinton will campaign in camden county college in blackwood. >> her stop comes one day after bernie sanders pulls off a win in west virginia's democratic primary. >> they have gone. >> we all heard a loud noise and bunch of people running. >> reporter: stabbing rampage
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at a mall in massachusetts this morning two people and a suspect are all dead. thank god the home owner had video. >> police in voorhees new jersey want to question two teenagers in connection with the vandalism spree. >> paul ryan may not be ready to support trump right now but some day he hopes to and wants to. i'm giving him advice. the just because all of the cool people like ben carson are doing it doesn't mean you have to. chris christie rush right into endorse and every where he goes is a walk of shame. until you are completely ready, maybe it is best thaw stay home and endorse yourself. political advice from stephen colbert always an interesting outlook. >> always hilarious. >> all right. katie is outside on the sky deck. in i rain just yet. >> not the here, thankfully, guys. we have wet weather off to our south that is rolling in courtesy of the frontal boundary too close for
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comfort. it is stationary. it is in the getting shoved out of the way by anything just yet and because of stationary, we do have have to allow for spotty shower anywhere, anytime. further north you go more likely to stay totally dry. here's the thing, guys you don't need an umbrella if you don't mind very fine rain through cumberland, cape may county, central and southern delaware you will be just fine. anyone can see a quick shower here today. one great thing we always talk about when it comes to rainfall is it helps with the air quality and helps with the pollen levels, keeping them lower than average. uv index is up to moderate here today as we finally expect to see a little will bit of sunshine filtered through the cloud cover. one of the things that is half and half as far as weather impact on your health if you do suffer from respiratory illnesses and asthma it shouldn't be a horrible day for you. throughout the course of the day hour by hour or a couple hours throughout the day we will see temperatures rebound nicely flirting with 07 at 3:00 p.m., lot closer then yesterday was to our typical daytime high.
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even though we could see a shower at some point today it will primarily be a day featuring cloud and sunshine. it is brighter, warmer today, certainly then it was last week for majority of the week and we will see more before the week is said and done. is there a threat for additional showers and thunderstorms which we will discuss, i will tell you when storm is set to arise and what it will mean for our temperatures. obviously cooler air coming this weekend per head line but we will tell you how cool, coming up, meisha. >> all right, katie i'm crossing my fingers that to daze we will cross in the 70es a. i'm crossing my fingers. sixty-nine or 07 doesn't make a big difference. but burlington bristol bridge went up and new back down. looking good there. in new jersey, 42 freeway north bound at creek road for those in new jersey heading in the northbound direction toward 295, this is basically what it looks like right now. looking g holding steady right here. everyone is traveling around 55 miles an hour exactly where you want to be. ninety-five north that off ramp to broad street is still closed because of repaving on broad street between oregon avenue an i-95.
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when we look the at i state 95 moving in the south and northbound direction you can see what we are working with there. overall things are looking good. this camera shot is at 422 at valley forge. 422 eastbound ramp to route 23 was blocked for a while and then closed, within lane now it is all cleared. right now that is a beautiful shot of 422, schuylkill eastbound, at city avenue. looking great. the just behind those trees schuylkill westbound, at city we are heating up there kelly drive, all lanes blocked because of repairing project i am bound between hunting park avenue and fountain green drive this should be lift something time soon. i'll let you know when it does. brooke and jim, back over to you. authorities in the boston suburb are trying to figure out what led to the deadly stabbing spree. >> police say 28 year-old arthur derosa stabbed two people at a home in taunton before assaulting several others, at a shopping mall. on a -- we now have the latest from the scene. >> reporter: chaos ended at silver city gallery a mall in
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taunton tuesday night. >> we saw car just dove right in. >> reporter: that is where authorities say 28 year-old arthur derosa crashed a stolen black honda into this macy's storefront before attacking several customers inside. stunned witnesses looked on as victims came rushing out. >> there was a pregnant laid that i came out holding her stomach, right after her there was a guy came out stab in the chest. >> reporter: police officers with rifles then storm the mall confronting the suspect at a restaurant where he continued his attack. a 56 year-old man was fatally wounded. the suspect was shot and killed by an off-duty deputy who happened to be on the scene. >> it appears that but for the actions of the deputy sheriff it may very well have been other victims. >> reporter: stabbing spree began after authorities say derosa crashed a car some 3 miles away. they say he exited and gained access to a home where he stabbed two people including an 80 year-old woman who died. officials to not believe terrorism played a role in the
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a tack. ana miler for cbs news, taunton. in other news a federal judge ruled a lift of unindicted coconspirators in the new jersey bridge scandal can become public. former new york, new jersey port authority official bill barone and governor christie's former deputy chief of staff bridget kelly were indicted last spring this were accused of creating traffic jams near george washington bridge for punishing a mayor for not endorsing christie. they denied charges and christie has in the been charged. officials are getting help from local volunteers at american red cross. three workers are leaving philadelphia this morning on their way to alberta to assist in relief efforts. fire fighters say they have the upper hand on the wild fire that has been burning for more than a week now. there is no electricity, the water is not drinkable and hundreds of buildings and homes have burned. >> well, time is now 5:36. in business news this morning how do you get paid for your videos. >> which beer is getting a new name, at least, for a little
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while. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, brooke and jim, markets off to their best day in two months. dow jones gained 222 points, nasdaq rose 59. macy's reports its latest earnings before the opening bell this morning, analyst expect the biggest sales drop since the financial crisis. there are a lot of questions about whether department stores and old school retailers can compete with fast, fashion, like forever 21. analyst say millennials want trendy less expensive clothing they can wear once, post pictures of on social media and then move on. amazon is taking on you tube with a new video service. users can up load their own videos to amazon's prime and then get paid, amazon will share a portion have the royalties, based on the hours streamed. and get ready to toast america this summer, budweiser owned by a company in belgium, still brought though in the united states is renaming its
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beer america. you'll see new name on bottles and pledge of allegiance and lyrics to the star spangled banner. the marketing campaign america is in your hand will last through the election in november. brooke and jim. >> something new on the store shelves. >> thanks, lot. in other news, new developments in the prince dead investigation, last night authorities conduct another search of the singer's home, meantime as jamie youkiss reports, investigators are looking into medications that prince was taking before he died. >> reporter: officers from carver county, minnesota led more than a dozen unmark cars in prince home at paisley park on tuesday evening. sources tell cbs news that an investigation is underway. carver county sheriff's department says detectives were revisiting the scene at paisley parkas the component of a complete investigation. adding that the building is enormous. earlier in the day los angeles times reported that the artist was seen by doctor michael
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shell evenberg on two occasions including the day before prince died. warrant obtained by the paper revealed that the doctor prescribed prince medications, but is not known what they were or whether he took them. the l.a. times says that the doctor performed tests on the singer and went to paisley park to drop off those results but when he arrived on april 21st investigators were on the scene and prince was dead. law enforcement official told cbs news that investigators are looking into whether prince died from an overdose. the prescription drugs were found at prince's home. jamie youkiss for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, one of the new jersey's best known musicians is once again, opening up his checkbook. >> jon bon jovi has opened up the center in toms river which was devastated by super storm sandy. beach stand for bringing everyone all together. it is a one stop center that includes a second soul kitchen, a place to apply for food stamps and health care and gives meals and culinary related job training.
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>> dorothy and i believe that we can help to effect change one person at a time by doing something that we understood. >> bon jovi opened up his first soul kitchen in red bank five years ago. both restaurants there are no prices just make a minimum $10 donation or to do volunteer work. >> always a leader in the the commune. great to hear that. new tool in the fight of zika how animals can keep you safe this summer. is this the end for sharon and ozzie osborne. we will tell you how sharon is responding to the rumors they split up for good, jan. brooke and jim, good morning. newest production, to hit the stage right here in philadelphia. think above life with a cirque du soleil twist, i'm jan car bay a, reporting live we will will take you behind the scenes coming up next.
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a new show is flying into town this week, cirque du soleil ovo a insect inspired production arrives in ale tonight. >> beginning a behind the scenes preview live for thus morning is "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao. i can tell you are already having fun. >> brooke and jim, good morning, who doesn't have fun talking about cirque du soleil, just gorgeous display of lights, costumes.
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so starting to day we are behind the scenes looking the at all of the costumes for cirque du soleil because this is what brings it to life not to mention the great performers but it starts here with these costumes. jessica is here to walk us through what we have, such intricate work we're talking about. tell us about ovo and how these costumes will fit with that theme. >> well, with ovo it has never been in the city area before we bring you to, an insect, colony of insects. we have colorful little families of insects. we are cricket, or fire flies, different spiders, and all of them have their own personalities and their own acrobatic tricks to show the audience. >> beautiful. >> colorful, beautiful. the way we dress performers really make them look like really large scale insects. >> they look amazing. >> these are crickets. this is crickets body suit. basically what we do is we
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have a full suit and all of the rest is adjusted to give them the shape and different form. it is all hand made and just one cricket costume will take 75 hearst to create by hand. >> fifty-seven hours for one. >> yes, and we have 12 in the the show. >> over 50 performers. >> fifty performers coming from 13 different countries and something that people don't often realize, these performers, they do their own make up. >> brooke and meisha, this is a make up cabinet rate here. >> it is amazing. >> it is a process that can take 20 to 40 minutes every day to put on make up, add some glitter and then ready for the show. >> we have head pieces back here which are cool as well. >> they are amazing. i love these butterflies with the feather, when they fly through the air, you feel like it is a real feather but it is
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not. we also have one of the very popular once, the lady bug. >> this is one of the main characters too. >> she is within of the main characters in the show. she is the one who falls in love with the for inner and she's a cute lady bug but she has as to her. >> yes. >> her character kind of fit with me. lets see if this fits you guys, this is a lady bug piece. these just backups for the show just because if anything happens they want to put it right back into process. how does it look. >> if you give us a little lady bug attitude. >> a little um, um. >> it starts tonight and runs through sunday it is only seven performances in philadelphia, it is a treat and you cannot make it to the philadelphia addition, they are going to be in atlantic city later in the summer at end of june. brooke and jim, back to you. >> i think you would be a great lady bug, jan, thank you. look at all of the make
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up. >> my goodness. >> well lets get a check of the forecast, what is insect that you would be, katie. >> geese, put me on the spot. >> butterfly, perfect. >> today we may see a few butterflies, sun shining, decent day overall, watching for a little disturbance nearby to bring in a spotty shower. we will check with the weather watchers quickly here. we will get through central here, 47 degrees comes into us from andrew. hes clouds in medford. that is generally what you will fine in most locations here. we will take you to one more 50 degrees in allen. he is checking in at 47 in the delran area. he is falling into verse here. well kate what i do you say good weather coming in today? for the most part in the terrible. we are looking at a little potential for spotty shower here and there from a front that is strung out right here that is stuck and doesn't have
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anything to push it the out. eventually it will start moving again otherwise we have a much larger system back here bringing in additional then are storms across the central plains and a front with that will cross through. now yesterday it wasn't much but we did pick up .2 of an inch of rain, and that would mean that in the last 13 days only one of those days has been officially dry. so, it is kind of bizarre as to what is going on. this latest pattern again staying somewhat cool, unsettled because of the front stuck and hung up and needs someone to shove it out of the way. we are having to dodge a spotty shower getaway without umbrella but something we have to mention, and pattern breaks thankfully thomas that high pressure moves from the north. that bodes well. the looks like a nice day. fifty-seven with sunshine. friday keeping an eye of 75. that is when this next cold front crosses but more showers and then are storms in the forecast for p.m. hours especially. >> all right katie that sound good. like it or not we are dealing
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with more rain coming up. road case are looking good. volume levels looking g looking at blue route headlights moving in the north bound direction a approaching mid county, looking good there both moving in the north and southbound side. for those heading out to the blue route on this wednesday morning lag good. i-95 at girard starting to heat up, we can expect that and it will continue to do so throughout the morning rush but i-95 south at girard looking g1 of the first indications i look at to see how it is going and we are looking okay, certainly heating up but still okay. burlington bristol bridge is back down just a gorgeous show the with the blue and pinky love it, back down all good at burlington bristol bridge. ninety-five north off ram township broad street is still closed, you can see because of repaving on broad street make note but looking at i-95 moving in the north bound and southbound direction has it a point where it is looking g taillight out there but looking good over there as well. accident new jersey cape may route 47 is closed at beaver
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dam road. you will to have use an alternate route nine to route 83 is your best bet and you have a down pole there. brooke and jim, back over to you. >> sharon osborne is not holding back about her marriage problems with husband ozzie osborne. she broke her silence when she return to the talk and confirmed that they have split up. >> i'm 63 years of age and i can't keep living like this. i will in the cry about anything because there is nothing to cry about. >> sharon said she moved out of her house after ozzie reportedly had an affair with his hairdresser. she also held a glass of lemonade basically a in the so subtle reference to beyonce escalatees album about infidelity. osborne have been married for 33 years. as far as is what next, sharon says she just doesn't know if they will ever get back together. singers jon legend firing back at model christie teigen. new mom has been attacked for
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going to dinner without her baby. less than two weeks after giving birth. legend defended his wife on twitter writing, funny there is no dad shaping. with both of us go out to dinner, shame both of us, so chrissy doesn't to have take it all. we will split it. good for him. love him or hate them there is only one word to describe a new app inspired by donald trump: huge. the app called trump wall is already the fifth most popular app in the itune app store. goal of the game toys build a wall, and as high as you can around the building that looks like the white house. that wall falls down the app says, your fired. it is free to down load if you want to check it out. i think do i a good donald trump. >> i don't think he says the h as much. >> is there more huge. >> huge. >> still have a l the h there. i'm a native new yorker, we
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say huge, houston. up next we have three things you need to know. >> we will be right
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mosquitoes are primary form for transmission of zika but none of the cases have been transmitted by mosquitoes. officials say they are not taking any chances. >> it is a very clean way to control the mosquito population because the fish, they eat the larvae of the mosquito, they eat them before they become mosquitoes. >> fish were supplied to the county by state and, they will last several seasons. runaway bull keeps police busy in texas. dash cam video captured slow speed chase through an arlington neighborhood. no one was hurt. eventually officers guided him back toward his ranch where he was rounded up and then return. before you head out the door here's what you need to know, it three is to go. >> hillary clinton holds a rally at ram den county college in blackwood at 1:00 she's coming off a double digit loss in west virginia but still lead bernie sanders in delegates. >> today is your last chance to weigh in on mayor kenney's budget which includes a tax on soda and other sugar drinks. public hearing at city hall
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starts at 5:00 tonight. >> looking for work is there a jobs fair at philadelphia premium outlets in limerick from 2:00 to 7:00. that is three to go. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", three is on your side with the social media scam alert, what to look for so you don't become a victim. puppies for adoption, pat gallen will tell us about a unique shelter that saves pets from other shelters, plus, we have a couple of cuties here in our studio who need a good home, all next.
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road to the white house leads to new jersey. hillary clinton will be campaigning in a community college fresh off another loss to bernie sanders. we are live with the preview of the message that she's sending voters today. a deadly rampage at a massachusetts, shopping mall, it started out as a traffic accident and ended in chaos. bizarre chain of event and how the attacker was taken down. and there you have it, more rain, katie is timing out a chance of showers, well, today is wednesday, may 11th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm's brooke thomas. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things.
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>> yes. >> you didn't cause this weather. >> yeah, i know. >> well, katie, turf say thank you for bringing the sky, right new because sky in our camera shots are picture perfect. >> gorgeous it will start off with one of most my personal favorite camera shots we will go outside to the live neighborhood network where sunnies coming up leak a blood orange color. that sunshine. 47 degrees is current temperature outside kutztown area middle school but you can see pretty colors on the horizon there, simply because we do have have wet weather to track and that can skew those colors on the sky line but it is beautiful out there. granted we are tracking a couple showers most noteably through southern new jersey kent, sussex county border in delaware. not everyone getting hit and generally speaking this is a dry day you don't need umbrella if you don't mind a couple rain drops here and there. granted, many of you are will not see one rain drop.


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